Psychiatry Intelligent Systems.

Artificial Intelligence empowered system for Psychiatrists.


Step 1

Patient is assigned assessments by psychiatrist. Patient answers questions. Answers turn into a narrative.


Step 2

Answers turn into a narrative. The narrative is automatically populated into the document that will become final report from doctor.


Step 3

Three possibilities: (1) Follow up session with same doctor. (2) Referral out. (3) Prescription printed or sent via system to pharmacy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced

IMIENS IP -S AI powered Virtual  Medical Assitant: .

IMIENS - Intelligent Psychiatry-Systems (IMIENS IP-S) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced powerful medical platform, comprised of multiple branches. IMIENS IP -S offers a Physician's and Patient's Distinct Environment with an AI Virtual Assistant present in both. IMIENS IP -S connects each respective patient to designated medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, in keeping with patient consent, and regulatory protocols.

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All codes with clear descriptors.

Offers highly secure authentication with highest privacy. With the Systematic Highest End Support to Psychiatrists and Patients, the app offers Empowerment- active participation in provision for more effective/ higher end health care, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, consistent follow-ups of patients, ongoing transmission of information/communication between patient/physician, follow-up of prescribed course of treatments, provision of diagnostic test results, communication with health care providers in between office visits, pharmacy, direct link to family members, health care support providers, including pharmacy, labs, medication monitoring, intelligent search capabilities for medical health information, suggestions of supplementary services and material to increase  understanding and encourage patients to research additional information locally, nationally, internationally, provided alerts for medical appointments, incoming messages, AI tools for wellness guidance and support, monitoring and self-monitoring for more advanced care management, and 24/7 communication/link for emergencies.

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IMIENS IP's AI powered Virtual  Medical Assistant

Supports health care provider and patient, present 24/7
Assesses and helps prepare the patient's comprehensive  profile
Supports customization of  the needs  according to that profile
Supports patients in answering questions and provides guidance.

Patient Data

IMIENS IP-S obtains, captures, extracts, and handles the entire Intelligent Data process, including the Patient Perspective, and aids in the discovery and development of new diagnostics and therapeutic approaches for ongoing patient care.

Intelligent Analysis

IMIENS IP-S displays, disseminates, analyzes, manages large-scale Clinical Data, EMRs - administrative and demographic information, diagnosis, treatment, laboratory tests, prescription drugs, hospitalization, patient's insurance if available, etc

Works beautifully on all displays.


Available on all Major Platforms.

We have made our App available on all Major Platforms